NBA Betting Sites

SOME say it is the world’s most exciting sport.

Basketball has won its way into the hearts and minds of the Australian psyche thanks to the superstars of the NBA like Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, carrying on the legacy of the Michael Jordans and Magic Johnsons.

And with that love for the game comes a will for punters to back themselves to pick a winner.

The brilliant Golden State Warriors are on the verge of dynasty, managing to convince Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant to join their star-studded cast of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

But the reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers will have plenty of say again with Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love going round again.

From huge slams, delicious dimes and three pointers from the carpark, there is no doubt the NBA has something for every one.

Here is our guide to navigating the punting landscape of the NBA and hopefully finding a few winners.

Online bookmakers betting on NBA

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So you think your team is a slam dunk to in the NBA title? Or perhaps they are just money to claim a big victory on their home court.

If you want to have a bet on the NBA, you need to find a bookmaker that provides the best odds on a wide range of markets.

Well, guess what, you don’t have to look any further than

We’ve trawled the web, reviewed all the best bookies and come up with a list that stands above.

Open an account with one or more of these little beauties and you’ll be guaranteed to find the bet you’re looking for, along with a great list of promotions, bonus bets and free punts, just for signing up.


Popular NBA betting markets

Head to head: This bet means exactly what it says. Two teams go head to head in a game, one will emerge victorious. You need to pick which one that will be, correctly, in order to get a return on your betting dollar. Also known as money line.

Line bets: This gets a little more complex. Also known as handicap betting, this involves the bookmaker assigning a points differential value to each team. The favoured side will receive a handicap in the minus, meaning that for your bet to win, the team must win by at least the figure it is assigned. Conversely the outsider in the game will receive a + line, meaning that it can still lose, provided it is by less than the figure assigned.

For example, Golden State is favourite to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves and is assigned a -9.5 point line, with the Wolves given +9.5. That means the Warriors must win the game by at least 10 points for your bet to salute. If you take the Wolves, they can still lose the game, so long as it is by less than nine.

Margin bets: This bet provides four options, two for each team, usually in the format of Team by 1-10 and Team by 11+ Because there are four possibilities in this bet, the odds tend to be enhanced, so you need to pick the team that wins and whether they will win by either 1-10 points, or by 11 or more. Sounds easy, right?

Total game score: This bet involves picking how many points the two teams will score combined in the game. The bookie will do its research here and assign odds based on teams offensive and defensive capabilities. It can be tough, but usually you will get to choose from two options, an under and an over. For example, take the Warriors and Wolves example, both teams have some offensive firepower, so the line might be over 211.5 or under 211.5. If you take the overs, the total game score must be 212 or more, and if you take the unders, it has to be less 211 or less.

Future bets: This is the fun bit. Here you can ride the highs and lows of your ball club as it works its way through the season, hopefully on its way to an NBA title. Future odds tend to be posted almost the minute after the current season’s NBA title is decided, so you can get a bet just about all year round. Other key future bets include NBA Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. Some bookies also provide markets on scoring title and other statistical races.

Player props bets: These are complex bets that either pit players against each other, or against themselves. Can Steph Curry score over 30 points or will he fall short? Who will score more points, LaMarcus Aldridge or Anthony Davis? Sometimes the players will have a handicap against each other, depending not on their abilities.

Handy tips for betting on the NBA

Bet responsibly: This one is a no-brainer. Before you lay down your bets, remember you have obligations. If you can’t afford to pay the bills or put food on the table, it’s probably not the best idea to go and splurge on an NBA game, right?

Bet on the big guns: There are plenty of great players in the NBA, but there are three or four who stand alone at the pinnacle of the game. When in doubt, back in the likes of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Lebron James. They are winners of the highest order.

Go with the form: Like most American sports, it’s all about the streaks. Although a team on a hot run is always one bad night away from losing, these guys are all about confidence. If the Warriors are on a winning run, stick with them, it’s probably going to be long.

When in doubt, stick with the home team: As with most sports, the NBA has pronounced home town advantage for most teams. If you’re tossing up about your bet, go with the team that is playing on its home court. They tend to grow a leg in front of their home crowd.

Know your stats: This is also a no-brainer. Don’t bet with your heart. Make sure you know how your team is going and what their record is like against the team they are playing. Check the offensive and defensive stats and makes sure you know who is injured, who is playing and who is not. All these factors have a huge bearing on the end result of the game and, when it comes to your hard earned money, you don’t want to be caught out.

2016/17 NBA betting markets

NBA title winner

Golden State Warriors ($1.85)

Cleveland Cavaliers ($4.50)

San Antonio Spurs ($7.50)

Boston Celtics ($15)

LA Clippers ($19)

Oklahoma City Thunder ($21)

Toronto Raptors ($26)

Miami Heat ($31)

Atlanta Hawks ($34)

Minnesota Timberwolves ($41)

Chicago Bulls ($41)

New York Knicks ($51)

Houston Rockets ($51)

Utah Jazz ($51)

Indiana Pacers ($67)

Dallas Mavericks ($67)

Memphis Grizzlies ($67)

New Orleans Pelicans ($67)

Washington Wizards ($81)

Portland Trail Blazers ($81)

Charlotte Hornets ($101)

Detroit Pistons ($101)

Milwaukee Bucks ($101)

Orlando Magic ($126)

LA Lakers ($151)

Denver Nuggets ($151)

Sacramento Kings ($201)

Brooklyn Nets ($251)

Phoenix Suns ($251)

Philadelphia 76ers ($251)

Odds provided by

NBA Most Valuable Player

Stephen Curry ($3.50)

Russell Westbrook ($4)

LeBron James ($5)

Kevin Durant ($8)

Anthony Davis ($13)

Kawhi Leonard ($15)

James Harden ($15)

Paul George ($21)

Blake Griffin ($21)

Damian Lillard ($26)

Kyrie Irving ($31)

Carmelo Anthony ($31)

DeMarcus Cousins ($31)

Chris Paul ($31)

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($35)

Karl Anthony Towns ($41)

Draymond Green ($41)

John Wall ($41)

Odds provided by

NBA Rookie of the Year

Ben Simmons ($2.75)

Brandon Ingram ($6.50)

Kris Dunn ($7.50)

Buddy Hield ($9)

Joel Embiid ($9)

Dario Saric ($11)

Denzel Valentine ($17)

Jaylen Brown ($19)

Jamal Murray ($21)

Thon Maker ($23)

Taurean Prince ($23)

Wade Baldwin ($34)

Marquese Chriss ($34)

Brice Johnson ($34)

Jakob Poeltl ($34)

Domantas Sabonis ($34)

Dragan Bender ($51)

Odds provided by

Aussies in the NBA

Ben Simmons

Thon Maker

Andrew Bogut

Matthew Dellavedova

Patty Mills

Joe Ingles

Dante Exum

Aron Baynes

Old School

Luc Longley

Andrew Gaze

Shane Heal

David Andersen

Mark Bradtke

Chris Anstey

Nathan Jawai

Luke Schenscher

Cameron Bairstow